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About Artisan Brandt

Artisan Brandt is an independent, privately owned software house founded in 1978.  Artisan Brandt has always prided itself on providing high quality service to its customers.  This is achieved by maintaining a dedicated team of software professionals who are ably assisted by experts in other fields.  Our PLMS2 software has been the industry standard software for many years. 

Artisan Brandt provides specialist software, consultancy services and training. We are committed to continuing the development of software with support services that are second to none and to providing all associated services required. From single office companies with fewer than 101 properties through to multi-branch organisations managing thousands of properties Artisan Brandt systems are bringing benefits today.

The organisation

Artisan Brandt has a team of software developers constantly improving and developing software for the property industry. The software support team is experienced in all aspects of the property market and has complete knowledge of Artisan Brandt plc systems. Experienced trainers take new and existing users through all aspects of P2Gold and Chairman Software and can help with customising documents to your requirements. Artisan Brandt, in conjunction with specialist partners, supplies, supports and maintains hardware and systems.

We also own property! We have a multi-million pound portfolio which is almost entirely rented and we use Artisan ourselves to deal with all aspects of rental income, costs, works orders and marketing.