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Artisan is a Windows-based accounts system which allows users to take as many or as few modules as they require to do the job.  This approach means if you are happy with your core accounts but suffer from poor stock control for example, then our powerful stock control module can be installed and linked with your accounting system. Alternatively you may have an excellent sales ordering system and need an accounts system at the back end. Again, we can help. As long as your system uses a standard database then we can link to it.

This allows customers to avoid the enormous effort involved in updating an entire system – transferring data from legacy systems, familiarising staff with new screens and operations and training.

Installing an Artisan System helps you by

  • Simplifying and controlling existing processes by fitting software around your business needs
  • Integrating business processes and information directly with the core accounts and financials
  • Exposing underlying business information with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools

Artisan has been developed over 25 years and is a feature-rich system, especially popular with clients who require good sales and purchase ordering, stock control and job costing systems.

So whether you are looking for a complete accounts solution or specialised elements Artisan can help.

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