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P2Gold Marketing Core Module

In today’s market place there are many ways you can bring attention to the services you provide.

Utilising the valuable data you have already built up in your P2Gold database the Marketing Module enables the attachment of digital photographs to the properties.

From there P2Gold provides simple routines to create a variety of presentation materials.

Functions at a Glance

  • Fast Web Site Update
    Easy Website update from P2Gold using your HTML template
  • Digital Image Links
    Up to 20 digital pictures per property
  • Property Match and Search
    Match applicants to properties or vice versa
  • Full Applicant Information
    Fast and easy entry of applicant information
  • Full Colour Property Particulars
    A little more marketing for those special properties
  • Colour or Monochrome Letting Lists
    Individual or full Letting Lists with or without pictures
  • Window or Desk Carousel
    Continuously displays every available property with a picture
  • Full Colour Window Cards
    Can be printed from any workstation
  • Links to E-mail program
    Double click on any e-mail address and P2Gold launches your e-mail program