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P2Gold Reporting and Analysis

The lettings business is awash with paper - contracts, tenancy agreements, chasing letters and tax reports.

P2Gold is designed to make your life easier. It has over 100 reports and letters that our clients use all the time. We’ve included them all in the system. They can be produced as a single document or to a list—according to your specific criteria.

All our documents link seamlessly with standard Microsoft products, such as Word, using its own inbuilt mail merge facility so you can edit them to your heart’s content!

Single Letter generation

Create a range of standard documents.  These can be quickly merged with Landlord, Property and/or Tenant data for the efficient production of letters, agreements, notices and other documentation.

Mailshot Letter generation

Letter templates can be merged with information from a range of Landlord, Tenant or Applicant records to provide a mailshot.  For example, you can produce a frost-warning letter for all your landlords at the beginning of winter.

Tenancy Chaser Letters

P2Gold automatically produces lists of tenancies that are due for a rent reminder, rent overdue letter or end of tenancy letter.  Letters can be produced and a history of letters sent against each tenancy.

Reports galore!

Hundreds of standard reports including:

·         Tenancy Transactions

·         Bank Accounts

·         22 FICO/NRL reports

·         11 Gas Inspection reports

·         21 Contractor reports

·         Landlord Statements

·         And many more