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Who should be using the Chairman product?

The target market is the specialised made-to-order manufacturing sector, such as furniture manufacturers. If the products you manufacture can be tailored to suit a customer's individual requirement then Chairman could be the solution for your I.T. requirements.

Because Chairman is a modular package it can be implemented as a fully integrated system or module by module. You can choose which modules you need and add additional modules later should your requirements change.

Chairman is a very flexible solution catering for small and large manufacturers alike. Whether you have one person running the whole company or 100 people running several companies, Chairman can scale itself accordingly.

Hardware platforms supported

Chairman currently runs on IBM's RS/6000 range and Pentium™ and above compatible PC systems. The majority of the system is character based and can be either run on dumb terminals or PC clients. Some elements of the system are now GUI based and must be run on PC clients.