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Chairman Technical Information

The Chairman package has been designed to be a multi-platform, scalable solution. On the server side Chairman software runs within its own environment, known as A-Shell, which runs on either Windows NT/2000 or IBM AIX. Smaller customers would generally opt for the NT version which is scalable up to 25 users and larger customers would use AIX which is scalable up to 250+ users.

The front-end or client can be run either on a PC via terminal emulation or A-Shell for Windows software or on a dumb terminal.

The payroll system has been updated to use a GUI front-end, which only runs on Windows operating systems and will require a Pentium compatible (or better) PC System. With the exception of the payroll system, the Chairman package is character based and is compatible with most makes and models of printing devices.

Chairman Software Limited can provide all of the necessary hardware and network infrastructure required to implement the system in a multi-user environment.